'I love Eastbury because...'

'I love Eastbury because...'

This is a new online project all about why we love Eastbury! Volunteers, visitors and staff are all being encouraged to contribute by telling us their reasons why they love Eastbury. We'd love to hear from you! This can either be written alongside a photo of yourself, or recorded in a video message that will then be shared on our social media and website.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please email the Eastbury team at:  eastburymanorhouse@lbbd.gov.uk

Aoife Hills, Events Supervisor

‘My name is Aoife Hills and I’ve been working as a temporary Events Supervisor at Eastbury Manor House since January 2019. Like many other people who grew up in or around the borough of Barking and Dagenham, my first visit to Eastbury Manor was as a child. My parents sent me to a children's activity group at the house for a few days during the school summer holidays. I remember playing in the walled garden on home-made stilts. Last year, I was between jobs and decided to volunteer for the annual GLOW winter lights festival. Going back to the house for the first time in over a decade filled me with nostalgia of playing ‘Sleeping Lions’ in the East Chamber and singing along to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ in the Painted Chamber. The lovely wooden smell of these two rooms is exactly as I’d remembered it and somehow a different smell to rest of the house. I was so impressed by the way the organisers Creative Barking and Dagenham of GLOW festival utilised the rooms and grounds of the house. When the opportunity to work at Eastbury arose, I was excited to get to spend more time in the house.’

Alice Bedford, Events Supervisor

'My name is Alice Bedford and I’ve been working as an Events Supervisor at Eastbury Manor House since September 2018. When I first turned the corner onto Eastbury Square I was taken aback by the beautiful Elizabethan building that appeared as if from nowhere, as many people are. As I settled into my role at Eastbury I continued to be inspired by its stunning architecture and tranquil gardens, however the community that surrounds Eastbury is what stands out to me the most. From my colleagues, to local and international visitors, and from our dedicated volunteers to Eastbury’s community group members, everyone who uses and visits Eastbury is united by a love of the house. Even our resident feline visitor Samson never fails to brighten my day. This welcoming community is what continues to breathe life into Eastbury and engages new members with every passing day. I’m grateful to have been able to help look after this building for even a fraction of its 450-year history.'

Sue Adams, volunteer

'I love Eastbury because she stands proudly amongst her neighbours without trying to demean or belittle their lowlier status. She is beautiful, and a miracle as she is still standing and allows us all to learn from her. She hides many stories but is willing to share them. Her history ranges from the grand to the dilapidated and she is here because foresighted people recognised her worth.'

Richard Griffiths, Architect

'My favourite part of Eastbury Manor is the Tudor oak spiral stair, with its central post, made from a tree trunk, running the full height of the building, with solid oak treads shaped to a spiral.  It is a place that remains as it was in Tudor times, and gives a frisson of discovery when you find it hidden behind the Tudor oak plank door.  Very romantic!'

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